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Fire Skills specializes in Fire Safety Training, Auditing and Compliance.

We aim to provide our clients with flexible, contemporary training and assessment services. We work with our clients to develop the most appropriate training and auditing process to meet their business requirements.

We currently offer Evacuation Co-ordination training (Warden training), First Response Training (Practical Extinguisher Training) and General Fire Evacuation Instruction (New Employee Fire Induction Training) to a wide range of industries including health care, universities, accommodation, shopping centers and office buildings. We adapt our training presentation to each client’s fire evacuation procedures to ensure the most accurate information is being delivered.

Fire Skills also offer complete Fire Safety Compliance Audits alongside planned maintenance tracking of Lift, HVAC and Emergency Power Supply’s. Fire Skills has a web based management system for easy access and management of servicing of your building or business. Fire Skills will conduct a thorough audit of your current activities and records against the requirements of applicable regulations and offer solutions and advise on how to resurrect any non-conformances.

Fire Skills can also offer a full building Fire compliance audit for buildings coming out of builders DLP. Our audits have helped building owners and occupiers save thousands of dollars by comparing installed fire systems meeting the installation requirements of the Australian Standard.

Fire Skills can also assist in, or produce, Occupiers Statements for building occupiers who are unsure of their buildings compliance needs. Occupiers Statements are an annual requirement of the QFES and BFSR 2008. Fire Skills can ensure that the statement is completed accurately and assist in any questions/queries building occupiers may have in regards to completing and submitting their Occupiers Statement each year.

Fire Skills employees autocad drafters who can complete professional and accurate fire evacuation diagrams of your building. Every drawing is fully compliant to regulations and accurately displays the most efficient evacuation route from any point within your building. Fire Skills can produce brand new diagrams for new buildings, or review and update existing diagrams.

Fire and evacuation plans (manuals) are a requirement of all buildings and must be reviewed annually as per regulations. Fire Skills offers services to create and/or review building fire and evacuation plans to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of evacuation procedures with your building.